Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Travel to Lithuania. Druskininkai nature and surroundings.

Tips on Dzukijos National Park

There are tons of information about major Lithuanian cities or frequently travelled routes. But most of the stories would skip one important part- a beautiful nature of South Lithuania.

Dzukija National Park is a thing not to miss while travelling in Baltics. It lies in the South of the country next to famous SPA resort Druskininkai.There are two headquarters of Dzukija National park which are located in Marcinkonys village and also in a small historical town Merkinė. It's easy to reach Marcinkonys by the railroad from Vilnius while Merkinė has the only option of getting there by car or bus on your way to Druskininkai. In the headquarters you can find a plenty of proposals, descriptions, official recommendations or even some certified nature guides. But if you really love to be treated with a personal touch, then several picturesque homesteads of Dzukija National Park with their friendly owners could be the best choice for you.

Panning your trip to Dzukija National Park by Druskininkai

How to get there?

There is no too many options of transportation to Dzukija National Park yet. If you do not drive a car then probably bus or train are the only alternatives left. From Vilnius: take Druskininkai direction and get off in Merkinė.Then hit to the headquarters Dzukija National Park for info.
Better alternative : take a train from Vilnius To Marcinkonys. You will dget directly to the heart of Dzūkija National Park. Cepkeliai strict reserve (swamp) trail also starts in Marcinkonys visitor center.
Where to stay in Dzukijos National Park?Lithuanian nature accommodation

For theuse who are used to the city life and each thought about the real nature stay makes a dose of sweat on the forehead , then Druskininkai SPA resort is the right place to spend your nights.From here you can easily reach Dzukija National Park for your great outdoors.It's a whole list of local hotels in the famous booking engines, you can also find that info in Druskininkai tourist info center.

But if you are ready to the real nature experience then Dzukija National Park homesteads are waiting for you. Up on the thickness of you wallet you can choose from a very simple ones up to the top end accommodations where open-minded owners would be happy to serve an ecological breakfast and lead you to the most exiting wild trails afterwards.

What to do in Dzukija National park and Druskininkai surroundings?

Start with a day or two canoeing trip on the wild rivers of Dzukija Land. This way you can see untouched beauty of Lithuanian forests and nature monuments. Up on your skills you can pick from slow shallow Merkys river to the fast streaml of Ula or Gruda. Holiday rentals or Homestead owners would be happy to help you with all required equipment and even lead you to your adventure.

Take a bike ride. There are 12 marked bike trails going through forests and ethnographic villages, along lake shores and rivers banks of Dzukija land.

Try national Lithuanian cuisine freshly prepared in the real hundred-years clay oven.You can even take a part into the meals preparation yourself.

Visit an old famous black pottery master Petras who still works in old-tradition way.He is located in Zakavoliai village next to Merkinė.

Visit a bee-keping museum in Musteika village and bee-keeping trail in the wild forests of the park.

Spend a half-day picking berries or mushrooms which grows right on your path. Dzukija land is famous for it.

Visit famous Cepkeliu swamp-strict reserve with a thousands species of birds, animals and plants.

Take a bath in a small forest lake or river.Just alone with nature.

Relax in Lithuanian wooden banya ( sauna) with a smell of freshly picked herbs.

Take a nature tour along river banks and through ancient ethnographic villages. "Zackagirio" marked path starts right at Marcinkonys visitor center.

Visit a famous Grutas Soviet statues park near-by.

Just go for it. And you wil have a wonderful story to tell!